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 +====== GNS3 on Debian GNU/Linux ======
 +This page describes installation of **GNS3 version 2.1.2** on Debian GNU/Linux, in my case it is release testing.
 +===== Installation =====
 +  - Add to sources.list<​code>​deb http://​ppa.launchpad.net/​gns3/​ppa/​ubuntu/​ zesty main</​code>​
 +  - Update the packages list index<​code>#​ apt-get update</​code>​
 +  - Install gns3-gui and gns3-server<​code>#​ apt-get install gns3-gui gns3-server</​code>​
 +===== Workaround =====
 +  * Check symlink of python binary<​code>#​ ln -s /​usr/​bin/​python</​code>​
 +  * GNS3 uses Python 3, so Python binary should link to python3. If not, create symlink to python3<​code>#​ ln -s /​usr/​bin/​python3 /​usr/​bin/​python</​code>​First you need to remove the old symlink to python2
 +  * Go to /​usr/​share/​gns3/​gns3-gui<​code>#​ cd /​usr/​share/​gns3/​gns3-gui/</​code>​
 +  * Run source to activate virtualenv<​code>#​ source bin/​activate</​code>​
 +  * Install gns3-gui from pip<​code>#​ pip install gns3-gui</​code>​
 +  * Install PyQt5 including PyQt5-sip from pip<​code>#​ pip install PyQt5</​code>​
 +===== Error messages =====
 +  * No gns3-gui lib<​code>​Traceback (most recent call last):
 +  File "/​usr/​bin/​gns3",​ line 6, in <​module>​
 +    from pkg_resources import load_entry_point
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 3019, in <​module>​
 +    @_call_aside
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 3003, in _call_aside
 +    f(*args, **kwargs)
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 3032, in _initialize_master_working_set
 +    working_set = WorkingSet._build_master()
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 655, in _build_master
 +    ws.require(__requires__)
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 963, in require
 +    needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))
 +  File "/​usr/​share/​gns3/​lib/​python3.6/​site-packages/​pkg_resources/​__init__.py",​ line 849, in resolve
 +    raise DistributionNotFound(req,​ requirers)
 +pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound:​ The '​gns3-gui==2.1.2'​ distribution was not found and is required by the application</​code>​
 +  * PyQt5-sip lib needs to be updated<​code>​Fail update installation:​ the sip module implements API v12.0 to v12.3 but the PyQt5.QtCore module requires API v12.5
 +Traceback (most recent call last):
 +  File "/​usr/​local/​bin/​gns3",​ line 7, in <​module>​
 +    from gns3.main import main
 +  File "/​usr/​local/​lib/​python3.6/​dist-packages/​gns3/​main.py",​ line 52, in <​module>​
 +    from gns3.qt import QtCore, QtWidgets
 +  File "/​usr/​local/​lib/​python3.6/​dist-packages/​gns3/​qt/​__init__.py",​ line 36, in <​module>​
 +    from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork, QtWidgets, Qt
 +RuntimeError:​ the sip module implements API v12.0 to v12.3 but the PyQt5.QtCore module requires API v12.5</​code>​
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