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 +===== Kerrighed LiveCD =====
 +==== Steps ====
 +  - Download kerrighed-live.iso
 +  - Burn it on CD
 +  - Boot it
 +  - One node is ready as a "​master"​ cluster
 +  - Download gpze image from rom-o-matic.net,​ choose appropriate image for your NIC
 +  - Boot another node with gpxe image burned on usb disk or other removable device
 +  - demokrg
 +==== Notes ====
 +  * The first LiveCD is act as DHCP, PXE server and it's not belong and will not join the cluster
 +  * Recently (23/​01/​2009),​ I found that Kerrighed doesn'​t have "​hotplug"​ feature. I knew by read some docs before said that it doesn'​t have ha feature, and finally I saw it myself, Kerrighed stop functioning after a node restarted, even the master node couldn'​t get me logged in ;-)
 +  * I like kerrighed, but it seems this product isn't quite good to serve as productive machine, unless we make it "​stable"​. we need some researchers who have medium-to-high capabilities of Linux kernel, networking subsystem, and cluster computing. who wants to join? :-D
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