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 +====== Virtualization ======
 +===== LXC =====
 +==== NFS mount ====
 +  * Error messages came up when mounting NFS directory in a system running on LXC container.<​code>​mount:​ [ip address]:/​shared/​storage/​ is write-protected,​ mounting read-only
 +mount: cannot mount [ip address]:/​shared/​storage/​ read-only</​code>​When I saw /​var/​log/​messages:<​code>​Jun ​ 4 00:33:00 virt kernel: [407261.190708] audit: type=1400 audit(1465000380.283:​50):​ apparmor="​DENIED"​ operation="​mount"​ info="​failed type match" error=-13 profile="​lxc-container-default"​ name="/​local/​mount/​point/"​ pid=23343 comm="​mount"​ fstype="​nfs"​ srcname="​[ip address]:/​shared/​storage/"​ flags="​ro"</​code>​
 +  * Configure the host of the LXC container to add an option in AppArmor configuration related to LXC.<​code>#​ nano /​etc/​apparmor/​lxc/​lxc-default</​code><​code>​
 +   mount fstype=nfs,
 +  * Restart apparmor service.<​code>#​ systemctl restart apparmor.service</​code>​
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