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   * [[http://​kuliax.net|Kuliax Project]]   * [[http://​kuliax.net|Kuliax Project]]
   * [[http://​stwn.blog.unsoed.ac.id/​kul/​|Electrical/​Computer Engineering Lectures]]   * [[http://​stwn.blog.unsoed.ac.id/​kul/​|Electrical/​Computer Engineering Lectures]]
-  * [[http://​openstreetmap.org/​|OpenStreetMap]]+  * [[https://​openstreetmap.org/​user/stwn|OpenStreetMap]]
   * [[http://​osc.unsoed.ac.id/​|OSC Unsoed]]   * [[http://​osc.unsoed.ac.id/​|OSC Unsoed]]
   * [[http://​pl.duniasemu.org/​|Public Library of stwn]]   * [[http://​pl.duniasemu.org/​|Public Library of stwn]]
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